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Reporting and energising the campaign against the cuts made by DEFRA 2009

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This campaign embraces all waterways users (boaters, towpath walkers, cyclist, anglers, nature-lovers, historians) and those who live or work beside the waterways.

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Picture courtesy of Brenda "Megapixie" Keens.
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now the busy time of organising our own events is replaced by a less frantic (but no less serious) programme for the final run-up to the Government's Comprehensive Spending Review, and now I'm back cruising for most of the time, up-dates to this site will happen a bit less frequently than they did over the winter.
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Cliveden (R Thames) 2006

Have you thought how much enjoyment you get from our canals and rivers? Have you noticed how much the canals in particular have improved over the last 10 years?

Those who have lived near a canal for some

time may recall the time when the canal was not the sort of place to take the family for a pleasant walk

Did you know that DEFRA, the Government department responsible for our waterways, has slashed the budgets of the organisations that manage our canals and rivers? And furthermore, they plan to impose further large cuts over each of the next five years.

And do you know why? Because they have mismanaged the payment of subsidies to farmers so badly that they have overspent their budget by over £200 million and they are now trying to recover that by cutting waterways funding.

We think this is wrong and we would like your support.

Crofton 1974

If we don't do something about it then our waterways might end up looking like this photo from 1974 — unpleasant and unsafe places to visit, dereliction, closure and no further restoration. Let alone more job cuts like the 180 jobs losses already announced.

Join our campaign and help make a fuss. Show Government they won't get away with interfering with our waterways.

Our canals and rivers are part of our national heritage, not a political football.

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